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The British Football Academy: A Design Thinking Approach to Branding Strategy

By: Published: 2019 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases in Business and Management
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This case study describes a design thinking approach, applied to the creation and implementation of an identity re-brand and successive marketing campaign for the British Football Academy, in Kuwait. The case defines a design thinking model and subsequently documents its realization through four key human-centric phases—See, Sort, Synthesize, and Solutions. This model enabled business and creative objectives to be established via a “Value Management Branding Workshop,” which involved key stakeholders and resulted in two significant outcomes: first, definition of a clear vision of British Football Academy’s brand position toward customer experience, and second, a direct indication of how the brand needed to develop to fulfill the objective of increasing market share. This cyclic approach utilized visualization as a pragmatic tool, aiding the development of marketing strategies and resulting in innovative solutions, with the launch of the new brand identity and marketing campaign receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from all parties involved.

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Design-based research

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