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Beyond the Structure of Research: Image and Intuition

By: Rafif Hakiem Published: 2017 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2
Methods: Artistic inquiry
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Using my own practice as a researcher, this case seeks to demonstrate how the use of participatory arts–based methods is not just a way to collect data or answer predefined thesis questions, but can actually shape research questions and theses in ways one may not have initially considered. Initially, my PhD research focused primarily on the teacher-training program at one of the larger universities in Saudi Arabia, and the use of participatory visual arts–based activities helped in investigating and identifying learner experiences not easily put into words. As a result of this action-oriented practice, my research broadened from a conventional investigation toward a more intuitive and sociological-relevant study, and I found that arts-based participatory activities allowed participants to access different parts of consciousness. After reviewing ...

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