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Collecting Behavioural Addiction Treatment Data Using Freedom of Information Requests

By: Mark Griffiths & Manpreet Dhuffar Published: 2014 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases
Methods: Data collection
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There is now a growing movement that views a number of behaviours as potentially addictive, including many that do not involve the ingestion of a drug (i.e. behavioural addictions such as gambling addiction and sex addiction). As a consequence of being ‘medicalised’ and ‘pathologised’, such disorders have led individuals to seek treatment for their particular behavioural addiction. This case study examines a new method of collecting data on behavioural addiction treatment via the use of Freedom of Information requests. More specifically, this case study briefly overviews two published studies that have used Freedom of Information requests to collate data on treatment of gambling addiction and sex addiction within the British National Health Service. It is argued that Freedom of Information requests for data have many ...

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