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Arts-Inspired Participant Observation in Ethnographic Fieldwork: Researching the Experience of Movement in Long-Term Care

By: Megan E. Graham Published: 2017 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2
Methods: Fieldwork
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As members of the aging population transition into seniors’ villages and assisted living care facilities where they experience aging as a community, research about the experience of collective aging is important to implement services and policies that provide the best quality of life possible. This topic is best accessed ethnographically, where the researcher can engage with the field over a long period of time, build meaningful relationships with informants, and get a sense of what is really happening from the inside. My broader research program explored the social life of residents living in long-term care through the lens of the creative arts. My role in the field was a musician-researcher, and I worked within a phenomenological framework. From this broader program emerged a published case ...

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