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Archival Research: Using Modern Techniques to Reveal the Past

By: Maureen Wangard Published: 2017 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2
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In 2014, I began dissertation research examining the leadership of Father Paul Reinert, S.J., former president and chancellor at Saint Louis University. Father Reinert was an influential figure within the field of Catholic higher education at the local, national, and international levels; however, despite his significant contributions to higher education, he had never been formally studied. Because he is deceased, I had to rely on archival material, including speeches, essays, letters, and newspaper articles written by or about Father Reinert. My goal was to uncover influences on Father Reinert’s leadership and to explore how his leadership was shaped by the context of his time period to analyze his governance style.

This case study is an account of my research project to give readers unfamiliar with document-based ...

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