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Action Research Methods: Partnering With Community Health Workers to Facilitate Focus Groups With Farmworkers to Improve Mental Health Services in a Community Clinic

By: Maia Ingram & Lucy Murrieta Published: 2017 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2
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Action research involves a co-learning process between researchers and community members that emphasizes the use of the research process to create social change. The involvement of community members ensures that the topic under study is important to the community. This approach often improves the ability for researchers to recruit members of the community to participate in a research study. Additionally, the focus on community participation gives a study's validity in the eyes of community members and can improve the quality of the data collected. However, it is sometimes challenging to involve marginalized community members directly in research activities.

The academic institution and community health clinic who partnered on this case study have been working together for 20 years developing and evaluating community health worker programs to ...

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