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Chapter 27 | Action Research in Universities and Higher Education Worldwide


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Action Research in Universities and Higher Education Worldwide
Rebecca BodenDavydd J. GreenwoodBudd HallMorten LevinJudi MarshallSusan Wright

Until the end of World War Two, Western universities focused on training new generations of elites and used organizational models borrowed directly from Fordist factory organization: a mechanical division of labor, separate units with sharp boundaries, command and control hierarchies, and leaders who rule from above. Hierarchical management existed even in the bygone days of shared governance. In neo-Fordist higher education, promoting action research (AR), or any other system-based, multidisciplinary work institutionally is a struggle.

Ranking, productivity, patentable research, and having a regional industrial or science park are the current higher education mantras. Leaders view their roles, public statements aside, as the exercise of fiduciary responsibility through increasing efficiency, improving ...

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