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Mixed Methods and Systematic Reviews: Examples and Emerging Issues

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Upon finishing this chapter, you should be able to

  • recognize a systematic review as a piece of research;
  • outline the major steps involved in a systematic review;
  • discuss the major dimensions of difference between systematic reviews;
  • distinguish between mono-method and mixed methods systematic reviews;
  • discuss the strengths and limitations of “mono-method” reviews and “mixed methods” reviews;
  • compare and contrast Critical Interpretive Synthesis, Realist Synthesis, Meta-narrative review, Bayesian synthesis, and the model of mixed methods review used as a worked example in this chapter;
  • describe the paradigmatic stance underpinning the above approaches;
  • identify difficulties with the use of the terms qualitative and quantitative within a mixed methods systematic review; and
  • write a proposal or plan for conducting a mixed methods systematic review.

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