Subjectivity and Qualitative Method

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In: Qualitative Research in Action

By: S.C. Aitken, P. Cohen, N.K. Denzin, A. Elliot, C. Spezzano, C. Ginzburg, J. Henriques, W. Hollway, C. Urwin, C. Venn, V. Walkerdine, W. Hollway, T. Jefferson, J. Hunt, Y.S. Lincoln, E.G. Guba, C. Pajaczkowska, L. Young, S. Pile, S. Pile, N. Thrift, L. Raphael Reed, G. Rose, J. Sayers, J. Shaw, D. Silverman, A.L. Strauss, J. Corbin, V. Walkerdine, V. Walkerdine, V. Walkerdine, H. Lucey, V. Walkerdine, H. Lucey & J. Melody Edited by: Tim May Published: 2002
Methods: Subjectivity
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Subjectivity and Qualitative Method

This chapter deals with the intersection of two issues which are central for any research in the social sciences - the issue of the place of our own subjectivity in the research process and, inside that, the issue of emotion and unconscious processes. It attempts to engage with the place ...

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